Panama City Restaurants

Cafe/Restaurants in Casco Viejo, Panama City:

  • Cafe Unido– I came here based on a recommendation of a Panamanian friend to try world famous Geisha coffee. It’s expensive ($12), but is exquisite, and taste like a chocolate-y tea (you aren’t supposed to add milk and sugar to this coffee)! All of the food here was also exquisite (the Panamanian breakfast sandwich with Panamanian bread, grilled cheese, avocado and egg was a filling, healthy and rich breakfast), and the desserts were delightful. The staff was also very friendly and all had amazing English, so it made it really to ask for explanations when needed.
  • Mahalo cocina y Jardín– this had a lot of healthy options and good for people with dietary considerations! I liked the Maracaya ceviche. I also heard the brunch here was incredible from a friend who went!
  • La Barbara– speakeasy style sushi restaurant hidden behind a hair salon, with some local Panamanian flavors inside (obviously many options with maracuya)!

Restaurants in Casco Viejo, Panama City:

  • Mercado de Mariscos de Panama– this was my FAVORITE and the cheapest option. I got fresh grilled sea bass straight from the market that was so fresh and naturally flavorful, and a Pina colada (made with real pineapple, not concentrate)!

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