Paris Recommendations


Nothing I like more than getting lost in the beautiful French roads and admiring the architecture and various city halls in the different districts! Paris is an incredibly walkable city, and I spent days wandering around from food spots to tourist sites! Public transit is also doable (I used google maps) if your feet get tired


Champs-Élysées– very touristy and has all the international shopping you could ever imagine! Also by the Arc de Triumphe. Very touristy, but if you do need to stop for coffee while you are there, I’d recommend checking out Cafe Joyeux- a cafe that focus and training employees with cognitive disabilities

Louvre– even if you don’t go in (I didn’t have the time), it’s beautiful to see the architecture and gardens nearby!

La Samaritaine– Visited this luxury department store not to shop (I can’t afford the items inside) but to admire the architecture! On the right bank of the Seine, so worth stopping by if you’re already walking in the area!

Seine– the subject of many impressionist paintings, the seine is worth walking by for the views! If you’re planning on walking along the seine, make sure to wear comfy shoes 🙂 Great place for photos!

Le Marais– There are many reasons to love this neighborhood (which you can find here), but I visited this area because I wanted to see the Jewish quarter! I had many people also tell me I HAD to check out L’as Du Fallafel when I asked for recommendations to Paris, and I was sorely disappointed (so don’t make the same mistake I did)! I got the classic falafel sandwich (which many recommended to me). The sandwich was sub par (and the sauce tasted like mayo, not tahini!) the fries were soggy, and I saw them microwave their pita (which after coming from Israel from vacation was a total disgrace)! Also worth noting that I spoke with three other people that day that also were sent to that restaurant and mentioned how disappointed they were! Regardless of the bad experience I had at L’as Du Fallafel, I really enjoyed walking around and exploring Le Marais!

Galeries Lafayette– clothing here is not cheap, but this is a wonderful place for souvenirs. Similar to La Samaritaine, the interior architecture is beautiful! Even more importantly, the rooftop access has the most beautiful view of the city of Paris

Association 59 Rivole– a non-profit art association that features the work of local artists doing various types of art! You also get the opportunity to see the artists in action and interact with the artists directly (many seem to work out of the space as well)!

Musee de Orsay– an art museum housed in a railway station from the late 19th century, Orsay is sure to visit! I’m not a huge art museum gal, but loved the variety of art featured here combined with the architecture of the building! Some highlights were the small version of the statue of liberty (on the first floor), the beautiful clock on the top floor, and the Van Gogh collection!

Montmarte– very touristy, but worth a visit! Walking here is definitely a workout (it’s on top of a large hill), so be prepared! Many artists lived and worked in this area for many years, and you continue to see many artists paint there and tourist sites


Au Petit Versailles du Marais- everyone will tell you to visit Angelinas for their hot chocolate, but I’d recommend going here instead! I never had the chance to actually go to Angelinas, but I know that it’s incredibly crowded and hard to get a spot to sit. I did not have this problem at Au Petit Versailles du Marais, and at Au Petit I had the best croissant of my life (which I scarfed down before taking a picture)!

Berthillon Gelato– the gelato texture here is just as good as some of my favorite spots in Italy, but what makes this place extra special is there unique flavors! Great stop on the way to Notre Dame if you’re walking!

Chez Georges– my favorite street crepe place, only 3 euros for a buckwheat crepe with egg (added salt and pepper)!

Coeur De Breizh– loved this crepe restaurant! They have an incredible lunch deal where you get a galette (savory crepe), sweet crepe, and a drink. Came back for a second visit because it was so good! The salads are also really fun and have mini crepes on top! The alcoholic cider also comes in a mug, which is fun to experience if you choose that as your lunch special drink

Hanoi Ca Phe – Cang Tin Vietnemme – LOVED this place! Was looking for Vietnamese food (thought the French Vietnamese fusion could be really interesting) and fell in love with this restaurant! The vibes here are very hip and the food is flavorful and has plenty of vegetarian options. They also have really fun drinks! Service is slow, but otherwise had an incredible experience

Gontran Cherrier- I went to the St. Germaine location, and everything I ate from there was divine! Their quiche is a must try, my Parisian friend swears they are the best quiche you can find in Paris!


I’d recommend staying outside of the city and exploring one of the smaller neighboring cities of Paris, like St. Germain en- Laye! The shops and food are cleaner, more authentic, and less expensive! I stayed in the Ibis St. Germaine en-Laye Centre hotel, and it was incredible. Everything was brand new, price for the room was affordable, and the breakfast had made to order espresso drinks, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a variety of offerings (and was only 10 euros)!

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  1. Carly | says:

    I’m going next week! Love your suggestions! 🇫🇷


    1. ahavabite says:

      Hope these are useful! Bon voyage 🙂


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