Favorite Dessert Spots in Tel Aviv

I have a huge sweet tooth, so when I visit Israel I love trying out different dessert places! Plus, many of the dessert shops in Israel use fresh fruit, something else I love. Here are some of my favorites in Tel Aviv!

Tamara– the best frozen yogurt in Tel Aviv (many locations) Normally full of international tourists (I regularly hear English being spoken here), but many of my Israeli friends also love this place. Many fresh fruit options to put on top of your yogurt, including delicious chocolate, halva, and candy toppings. I love getting the hazelnut crunch fudge topping and the tart yogurt, but there are also sweeter yogurt options. No limit on the amount of toppings you add to your yogurt, which is so fun!


Leggenda is another great place to get frozen yogurt with similar topping options, although it seems to be less trendy than Tamara. They also have delicious gelato options and are located in various spots around Israel.


Anita– my favorite gelato in all of Tel Aviv! Located in a gorgeous part of Neve Tzedek with European architecture, the outdoor cafe seating at Anita will make you feel as though you have escaped Tel Aviv and entered a European City. On one side of the street is the gelato (which I loveeee), and the other is a frozen yogurt bar, which I have not tried yet. IMG_4540 2.jpg

Arte Gelato- authentic Italian gelato made with natural ingredients made by Chefs from Tuscany and Italy! They have many traditional flavors and the texture is delicious. IMG_5211.jpg

Cremerie De L’eclair (Pastry, Ice Cream, Dessert Shop)- Located in Tel Aviv and Haifa . This shop is a fantasy land for anyone with a sweet tooth, you can make your own ice cream sandwich inside cookies or an e’clair with either American Ice cream (soft-serve) or gelato. The pre-made desserts here also look delicious. I found prices here to be relatively affordable, as the custom made eclair my friend and I split was only 7$, and included homemade halva and pecan caramel gelato drizzled with pistachio and pastry cream and topped with toasted hazelnuts and chocolate balls! For 7$ in Miami you can expect to receive only eat a small cup of ice cream at a gelato shop, and that is without toppings!


HaMalabiah– three locations around Tel Aviv (I’ve been to the one in Shuk HaCarmel). They are famous for their Malabi (a creamy dessert flavored with rosewater, drizzled with a sweet syrup, and topped with shredded coconut and crushed nuts). HaMalabiah makes homemade syrups with classic flavors like raspberry and pomegranate and less common flavors as well. They have backgammon tables to play during the day, and when the sun goes down you can also hear live music. HaMalabiah also has a dairy-free option made with coconut, which I’ve heard is delicious! I honestly like malabi from anywhere I go, and you can find it almost anywhere in Israel, including in this spot in Jaffa pictured belowUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2771


More of a savory person? Check out my favorite Favorite Restaurants in Tel Aviv and let me know if you ahavabite! 



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