When to Visit Machne Yehuda

As previously mentioned, Machne Yehuda is one of my favorite markets in the world. This is a hustling and bustling market that has different vibes depending on when you visit. Here are my top three recommendations:

  1. Come on Friday: Explore Machne Yehuda on Friday (before Shabbat starts). The market gets packed, and is surrounded by fresh baked challah. IMG_5138
  2. Come during the day: If you get claustrophobic or don’t like large crowds of people, avoid Machne Yehuda on Friday mornings! Also try to avoid going during the busy winter and summer season, as the shuk will be packed with birthright groups. Any other time should be more pleasant (and less crowded!) IMG_6410
  3. Visit during the evenings: Make sure to explore Machne Yehuda at night, the bars and restaurants get packed and there’s plenty of nightlife. If you are looking to come interact with locals, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are the best times to visit. IMG_6412.jpg


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