How to find free workouts in your city

For most of my grown up life (including now), I’ve had to rely on living on a tight budget. Working out is so important for mental and physical health, and I love doing so, but I get bored working out on my own. Joining group exercise classes can get costly, which is why I started seeking out free community workouts in my city. Check out the list below for 10 tips on finding free workouts in your area!

  1. Check the schedule at your local Athleta (you can choose your location on the website). For example, the Atheta in Coral Gables hosts weekly pilates and yoga sessions at Merrick Park Mall.
  2. Check the schedule at your local Lululemon (you can choose your location on their website). Some locations (not all) offer free workouts.
  3. Do a google search of “Free community Yoga” or “free workout in (your city)”
  4. Do a search on Eventbrite for free community workouts. I found a lot of the free community workouts in Miami this way.
  5. Check out your local healthcare organizations and see if they offer community workouts in your city. In Miami, Baptist Health South Florida provides different community workouts all over the city. They also host other community health events, including nutrition workshops.
  6. Follow local fitness sites in your city to stay up to date with fitness events. In Miami, my favorite local fitness website posts monthly sweat guides. Not all of the events are free, but most are very affordable. Plus they allow you to explore different workout studios and instructors in the city!
  7. Fitbit local– In major cities across the US, Fitbit Local hosts free monthly outdoor workouts for the community. They normally provide samples and auction off a fitbit device, so if your lucky you’ll come out of the class with more than a workout!
  8. Check out your local gym studios and see if they offer a first class trial. Many in Miami do! Studios found nationally (like Flywheel) also offer first class trials for free.
  9. Check out’s health and wellness section. You’ll see free yoga and meditation meetups in your area.
  10. Check your local mall to see if they offer any free fitness classes. In Miami, different malls offer free fitness classes, including Aventura Mall andBrickell City Centre.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and are inspired to try a new community workout in your area!

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