A Foodie’s Guide to Jerusalem

Based on my many experiences visiting Jerusalem (and one summer living there) I’ve put together some of my favorite foodie stops in this magical ancient city. All of these spots are vegetarian friendly!

I made a whole separate post about my favorite food stops in Machne Yehuda (also located in Jerusalem). Check them out here

Sushi Rehavia from sushi sandwiches to poke bowls, you can find many different types of Asian foods here! And everything I’ve had tastes great.


 Hummus Shel Tehina– smooth and creamy hummus served warm. I first discovered Hummus Shel Tehina when going on a trip to Sderot in Summer 2014, and have dreamed of this hummus place since then. I ordered the magical eggplant with warm chickpeas and egg and it was simply magical! Comes with pickles, olives, and fresh pita bread (including an option for whole wheat pita). 


Tmol Shilshom Cafe- a cute bookstore cafe in the city center of Jerusalem known for their delicious foods and great service (which is rare in Tel Aviv). I recommend their fresh, homemade focaccias, which I split with a big group. We ordered a focaccia with blue cheese, honey and thyme, and another margarita one. Both were delicious!


Cafe Kadosh– This cute Parisian cafe serves gorgeous pastries that taste even better than they look. I had the cherry macaron sandwich that defied all of my expectations, and was filled not only with macaron filling but also homemade whipped cream. Every bite was a delight! I also enjoyed the yogurt parfait I ordered from here.


Cafe Bastet- cafe containing plenty of interesting vegetarian options. My friend ordered the white gazpacho, which was made with almonds, olive oil, and fruit, and I had the Indian curry.


Caffit– my friend and I split homemade flatbread with zaatar, labane, roasted red pepper, bulgarian cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onion and olives. This flatbread was so large it needed its own separate table! Thin crust just how I like it. Loved the combo of ingredients here!IMG_4519.JPG Cafe Derech HaGefen– located slightly outside of the city of Jerusalem in a small village called Beit Zayit, this cute cafe has great service, delicious food, and impeccable views. I loved coming here for breakfast and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere at this restaurant .

Hummus Ben Sira– delicious homemade hummus that comes with the most delicious (and complimentary) falafel, as well as pita, vegetables for dipping, and pickles. I ordered the hummus with fried cauliflower and loved it! Hummus here is high quality, but Hummus shel tehina (mentioned above) is still my favorite :P.


Focaccia bar- the oldest restaurant in Jerusalem according to trip advisor! The foccacia was more like a pizza, but was still delicious! The foccacia (with potato, pesto and cheese) was my favorite item I’ve had here, but everything else I ate was also good. IMG_5233.jpg

 Waffle Bar- while you might think I’m crazy for ordering salad at a place called Waffle Bar, I have to say I genuinely enjoyed this salad! Plus if a dessert restaurant knows how to make good healthy food, surely they know how to make their namesake well too right??


Let me know if you #ahavabite from any of these places!

Other recommendations from friends who lived many years in Jerusalem

P^2 (P Squared)– Supposedly the best pizza in all of Israel

Sushiya– Supposedly the best sushi In Jerusalem, make sure to have a reservation because wait times get crazy!

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