A Foodie’s Guide to Jerusalem

Based on my many experiences visiting Jerusalem (and one summer living there) I’ve put together some of my favorite foodie stops in this magical ancient city. All of these spots are vegetarian friendly!

The first 3 spots are located in Shuk Machne Yehuda (my favorite market in the world!)

  1. Azura– I rarely break vegetarianism, and Azura is one of the few places I will do so. Their Azura eggplant, stuffed with beef and a cinnamon tomato sauce, is pure heaven. This Iraqi restaurant is very popular, so you might need to wait a while to snag a table. *If you are vegetarian, there are still vegetarian friendly options at this restaurant.IMG_6404
  2. Knafe– Try knafe (an Arabic dessert with bright orange shredded phyllo dough, rose water and melted goat cheese), a few vendors have places where you can get a personalized portion made fresh! I’ve heard people say knafeh at Jaffar is the best, although I’m sure this is one of many things people in Israel disagree on 😛IMG_5310 2
  3. Aricha– Customize your own sabich (a fried eggplant, hardboiled egg, veggies and sauces) sandwich at this popular joint! They have a vegan option for those who can’t eat eggs (they substitute mushrooms) and even have whole wheat pita for those looking for a more nutritious option. I eat a whole order, but if you want to order other bites from the shuk, you can order a half portion. IMG_4842.jpg

4. Waffle Bar- while you might think I’m crazy for ordering salad at a place called Waffle Bar, I have to say I genuinely enjoyed this salad! Plus if a dessert restaurant knows how to make good healthy food, surely they know how to make their namesake well too right??


5. Sushi Rehavia from sushi sandwiches to poke bowls, you can find many different types of Asian foods here! And everything I’ve had tastes great.


6. Taami- the best hummus in Jerusalem! If you want authentic, homemade Middle Eastern food, this is one of my favorite places. Locals have enjoyed hummus here for over 60 years, my dad loved going to this restaurant as a kid.


7. Focaccia bar- the oldest restaurant in Jerusalem according to trip advisor! The foccacia was more like a pizza, but was still delicious! The foccacia (with potato, pesto and cheese) was my favorite item I’ve had here, but everything else I ate was also good. IMG_5233.jpg

8. The first station- an old train station that’s been revived. Visit a restaurant, cafe or bar here. It’s packed with people, and often there are free concerts, salsa classes, and events. See the calendar of events here 

Let me know if you #ahavabite from any of these places!

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