Top Moroccan Food and Drinks You Need to Try (Vegetarian Friendly)

As a health conscious vegetarian, I get nervous traveling to new countries and having healthy, filling options I can eat. Luckily in Morocco I had plenty of options! Here were some of my favorite dishes in Morocco (I included recipes for some of these dishes for those who are looking to recreate these foods)

  • Oranges– I came to Morocco in the winter, and it seemed as though oranges grow like weeds here! You can either grab an orange from one of the trees for a sweet (and complimentary) mid-day snack, or enjoy an affordable fresh squeezed orange juice, which you can find in almost any block of the city at juice stands and restaurants.IMG_5445.jpg
  • Bessara– pureed fava beens. Find a recipe to make at home hereIMG_5435.jpg
  • Tagine– A vegetable stew that does not disappoint! My favorite versions I started craving this as soon as I came home, and decided to make my own version (you can find my own recipe here). I liked asking for caramelized onions and raisins on top to add sweetness to the dish.IMG_5412.jpg
  • Olives– so many different varieties of this in the souks (markets)! My favorite are the black kind (completely different from the black olives that you find in the US, in Morocco they are wrinkly!)Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.29.13 PM
  • Moroccan Bread-According to our tour guide in Fez, every neighborhood in Morocco has its own bakery that supplies traditional Moroccan bread (round flat bread covered in Semolina) to restaurants, hotels and shops. This fresh baked bread can be found everywhere, so you’re bound to have some! IMG_5410.jpg
  • MsemenMsemen is a Moroccan crepe like bread. This was one of the cheapest foods I had, and when served with Moroccan cheese, it was my favorite dish in Morocco.IMG_5622.jpg
  • Jben- speaking of Moroccan cheese… this creamy and soft delicacy is to die for. You can find the best cheese at the souks (markets). I also loved ordering Moroccan cheese salad at restaurants, which came with a sweet honey dressing. Here’s a recipe to make your own.IMG_5567.jpg
  • Berber “whiskey”Moroccan mint tea! My tour guide in Marrakesh claimed that Moroccans drink 10-20 cups of this beverage a day. It is very sweet (as are many Moroccan dishes and drinks), so I asked for it without sugar. I found that even when I asked for tea with little sugar it tasted too sweet for my taste!IMG_5847.JPG
  • Sfinge– Moroccan Donuts! According to our tour guide in Marrakesh, these are mainly found in the bakeries in the morning, since they are typically eaten for breakfast. Here’s a recipe to make your own.52365678_10213069864851493_7704950477510672384_n.jpg Photo Credit to my friend Amanda

Hope you enjoyed reading this, and let me know if you #ahavabite of any of these delicious Moroccan dishes!

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