Top Restaurant and Bars in Tel Aviv

Yelp doesn’t seem to exist in Tel Aviv, and since I have yet to find an equivalent, I thought you all might enjoy reading about my favorite Tel Aviv restaurants. I go to Tel Aviv quite frequently, so here are some of my favorite picks from my last couple of visits!

BELLBOY (Fine Drinks and Bites)- This speakeasy gets packed, so make sure to set a reservation! This bar stays true to its speakeasy theme, as the location of the bar is discreet and does not have any street signs. I have also had the best service of my life here, the servers are incredibly friendly and attentive (not common in Tel Aviv) and are dressed in either flapper dresses (women) or suits (men). Every item is a work of art, as you can see from the items I ordered in the picture below (Red tuna sashimi and the Royal Beach cocktail). Make sure to check out the bathroom and try to find the secret bar inside!


Abulafia (Arab Bakery)- many locations are open across Tel Aviv, but my favorite is located in Yafo (Jaffa). My favorite item here is a sambusak, which I typically fill with a hard boiled egg and fried eggplant. The fact that it is open 24/7 is also a huge perk, meaning I can enjoy fresh baked goods at any hour of the night (and on Shabbat/Saturday!)



Manta Ray (fine dining with a view, Seafood, Mediterranean)- On the beach close to Jaffa. This option is a little on the pricier end, but portions are generous. Plus, if you come for lunch and split dishes, it doesn’t end up being very expensive for lunch. Make sure to come when the sun is still out so you can enjoy the gorgeous ocean views!


Ze Sushi (nice sushi restaurant)- Located in the Basel neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The restaurant serves unique sushi items, but also has a variety of other delicious items including Bao Buns, sushi sandwiches, dim sum, banh mi and ramen bowls.


HaSushia (casual sushi)- Plenty of locations around Israel and Tel Aviv. I had coconut corn soup and a sushi sandwich filled with raw salmon, sweet potato and avocado. Both were delicious!


Rustico (Niceย Italian Restaurant)- many locations, I went to the one located in the Basel neighborhood of Tel Aviv. I loved the fish order I got (sea bream in a lemon cream sauce), but my friend (who ordered the pasta carbonara with beef shoulder) did not enjoy her meal, and nearly choked from the amount of pepper in her dish.ย aXu0Oe5DTHqhRhSELaWo2A_thumb_fa2.jpg

Cremerie De L’eclair (Pastry, Ice Cream, Dessert Shop)- Located in Tel Aviv and Haifa (this was the location I went to). This shop is a fantasy land for anyone with a sweet tooth, you can make your own ice cream sandwich inside cookies or an e’clair with either American Ice cream (soft-serve) or gelato. The pre-made desserts here also look delicious. I found prices here to be relatively affordable, as the custom made eclair my friend and I split was only 7$, and included homemade kinder and pecan caramel gelato drizzled with kinder and pastry cream and topped with toasted coconut and chocolate balls! For 7$ in Miami you can expect to receive only eat a small cup of ice cream at a gelato shop, and that is without toppings!


Max Brenner (Chocolate bar and restaurant, dessert heaven) – locations are all over the world, but I find that each restaurant has its own unique twist, and my favorite is located in Tel Aviv on Rothschild Street! This restaurant is a chocoholic’s dream, with items ranging from chocolate pizza to chocolate martinis. Even though I can’t stop by this place without ordering at least one chocolate item, I also love the savory food at this location. Most recently, I tried a waffle grilled cheese with pesto, which was absolutely delicious.

jKMT6TENSjyNqGYn0Sdxxw_thumb_ed5.jpgThanks for reading, and let me know if you stop by any of these places by commenting on here or reaching out @ahavabite on social media.

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