Dipping Chocolate

Recently made these delicious Peanut Butter Graham Balls and while the taste was a hit, the first batch looked like a mess. The dipping chocolate instructions the recipe gave (the method using butter) turned out to be a mess (the bottom part of the picture on this post). The chocolate hardened almost immediately, and the dip didn’t coat the balls.

I decided for that my next batch I would use a different recipe for dipping chocolate, and used this one from Genius Kitchen. I didn’t have crisco shortening and used Coconut oil instead, and the dip still turned out perfect (see top part of the picture). I have tried making making dipping chocolate (for strawberries) before and the second recipe from Genius Kitchen was my first successful attempt in making dipping chocolate, so thank you Genius Kitchen for the recipe!

Note: the heating method of the chocolate is important for getting the right consistency.

In summary:IMG_0067.JPG

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