Perfect Poached Egg

Click this youtube tutorial for the perfect poached egg! Thank you Downshiftology for sharing a tutorial that was easy enough to follow to make a pretty, perfectly cooked poached egg.

Some helpful tips from Downshiftology’s tutorial (still recommend watching it to get more detailed tips with visuals)!

  1. Boil water on high heat, don’t add salt to your water! Do add 1 tbsp of vinegar.
  2. Strain eggs so that loose egg whites are removed. Place egg in ramekin or small bowl for round shape
  3. Once water is boiled, bring water to a simmer. Swirl water quickly and drop eggs in the center of the swirl.
  4. Take eggs out of water after 3 min.

I used this poached egg to top an avocado toast and made a heirloom cherry tomato salad with basil and topped it with Trader Joes Everything but the Bagel seasoning. I think I have a new favorite homemade brunch now ❤

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